How Does It Work

It all starts with our equipment. We use a highly-sophisticated piece of technology we call the Cubus. It's made of aluminum, and protects you with its compact electromagnetic field shielding during treatment. As you relax and enjoy your treatment, the electromagnetic waves pass around your body, regenerating your magnetic fields and greatly boosting the healing process.

The operation uses innovative technology and requires only a small amount of time and human resources. Impuls7is specifically designed to benefit the human energy field and compensate for any stress-related malfunctions of the cell systems. Stress is reduced, and cell regeneration is activated throughout the body.

And we've been working on this for long enough to make sure it works perfectly. After 8 years of research and development, Impuls7therapy is now available for the first time to the general public. Their effectiveness and efficiency of this brand new treatment are unique; the treatment allows a patient to be purely passive.

With proven scientific theory behind Impuls7, thousands of people have already felt the positive effects of our therapies and treatments, and with this breakthrough we will be able to change the life of many more, combating stress and boosting people's healing abilities.