The Medicine of The Future


For the past 17 years, I have been practicing as an internist in Munich, Researching into energy medicine. The field has fascinated me since I begun in 1995, and ever since I've been fascinated with the possibilities of energy, the "medicine of the future".

An understanding of the human body as a material object and its energetic aspects is rarely found in orthodox medicine, because the approach taken by medical schools is almost always based on chemical or mechanical (medicinal or surgical).

100 years ago, Albert Einstein calculated the E=MC≤ theorem. He found that energy and matter are connected to one another. Einstein's theorems have since been established as logical, scientifically-sound thought. The theory is based on matter, and focuses on energetic factors, not chemical. Since the human body is also matter, we can look at it the same way. It was this way of thinking that led to the development of Impuls7.

We are at the beginning of a completely new medical era of energy medicine. Paradigms are changing, as we arrive at new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that help us achieve our goal of helping people in any way that we can. Our knowledge doesn't stay the same. It is ever changing, dynamic. We are encouraged to think toward new discoveries and therapies, and to have the courage to implement these ideas into action.