Built into an impuls7 CUBUS is a special deck flat coil in the form of an Archimedean spiral. For a successful impuls7 treatment, the patient must be aligned with the magnetic field exactly centred on the solar plexus (between the breastbone and the navel).

This is important because solar plexus region is the point where many bodily systems interconnect and regulate the functions of organs and cells throughout the body.

A pulse treatment with this system produces 7 signals, one after the other, in staircase form and at different flux densities. They pulsate like a Morse code in time-varying magnetic field strengths from 3.14 to a maximum of 94.2 μT.


As with the language of thought, the pulse signals form the 7 different bio-magnetic fields in the human body. The correct sequence of letters arranged into meaningful words, are comparable with the correct composition of the field strength, frequency or vibration mode of the patented impuls7 signals.

Only in proper sequence can an energy/medical effect be achieved.

And similarly to the way drugs enter the bloodstream, the signals from the impuls7 therapy emanate from the solar plexus via the bio-magnetic fields and are transported to the individual cells.


When the magnetic field of a flat coil can be assumed by a symmetry of revolution about the z-axis, an exact calculation can be derived by a formula without constraint.

The position vector r '(f) runs depending on the angle f in the spiral form. So, mathematically:


Magnetic field Bz-direction of the coil at a pulsating current flow. The maximum field strength of the impuls7 energy field corresponds to twice the Erdmagnetfeldstärke (approx 100μT). Impuls7 is based on a sophisticated principle of targeted bio-magnetic fields.

Use of impuls7 is approved under German Patent Number DE 10 2009 017 229.7 and recognized by TÜV South Germany as a form of therapy. Use of impuls7 therapy stimulates the sustainable regeneration ability of the human body.