Lab Test

Fourteen study subjects were suffering from altered cortisol levels due to stress, and showed improvement after impuls7
An evaluation of each of the 14 patients with impaired stress-physiological diurnal rhythms was made by measuring the cortisol levels in the patients' sputum (circadian rhythm) and afterwards judged by an evaluating laboratory physician
This distinguishes the impuls7 therapy from other similar electromagnetic treatments

      In 9 patients the circadian rhythm was restored to proper function. ( 64.3%)

      2 patients the high cortisol levels were reduced, but the rhythm was still disturbed

      in 3 patients with low cortisol, the levels increased, but the rhythm continued to be disturbed by other factors.

In all cases, the subjects improved in some way, with 63.4% of patients having their physiological circadian rhythms restored to normal function.